High-tech Public Security Bureau held the "8•04" telecommunications fraud return of stolen goods conference

来源:   时间: 2023-10-10 17:18
  On the morning of September 26, the high-tech branch of Jilin City Public Security Bureau held the "8·04" telecom fraud return conference, and returned nearly 2.49 million yuan of funds involved in the case to the victim enterprises。Cao Wenjun, deputy director of Jilin High-tech Zone Management Committee, attended the meeting and made a speech。Wang Xin, deputy director of high-tech Public Security Bureau, attended the meeting。
  202384On the same day, a case of telecom fraud involving enterprises pretending to be a legal person requiring money transfer occurred in the jurisdiction of Jilin High-tech Zone。After receiving the police, the high-tech public Security Bureau set up a task force with the main leader as the leader for the first time20The remaining elite police force worked quickly。Last nearly50The continuous work of the day, with the strong support of the Jilin City Public Security Bureau and the cooperation of the relevant teams, has captured the criminal suspects involved in the case36People, recover the funds involved near249万元。
  The person in charge of the victim enterprise expressed his gratitude to the public security organ, and spoke highly of the public security organ's rapid investigation of the case, recovery of economic losses, and maintenance of social security and stability。
  Representatives of the police at the scene said that they will strictly implement the deployment requirements of their superiors, increase landing investigations, focus on seizing funds involved in the case, improve and fix evidence involved in the case, maximize the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises in the jurisdiction, and contribute to the construction of a good business environment and escort high-quality economic and social development。
  Meeting requirement,Each bureau (office) and unit in the high-tech zone should continuously deepen the work of "nine solutions and one coordination" to serve enterprises,Guide the "enterprise confidant" to be more responsible and more productive,Sincerely help enterprises to serve,Jointly create a strong atmosphere to help enterprises solve problems and support the strong development of enterprises,We will contribute to building innovation-driven development demonstration zones and high-quality development pilot zones。
  High-tech zone relevant bureau (room), unit leaders, public security police representatives attended the meeting。