Policy interpretation of the Notice on Further Strengthening and standardizing the Management of Soil stripping and Utilization in the Cultivated land Occupied by Construction in Jilin City

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  为贯彻落实Law of the People's Republic of China on the Protection of Black Land, Regulations of Jilin Province on the Protection of Black Land, and Regulations of Jilin Province on the Protection of Black LandJilin Province construction occupied arable landTopsoilMeasures for the Administration of divestiture Utilization(The Office of the Kyrgyz Government issued [202217号),We will further strengthen and standardize the construction of occupied farmlandTopsoilStripping and utilization management work, effectively protect and use the precious black soilLand resources,According to the requirements of Mayor Wang Ji's instructions, combined with the actual situation of our city, it was organized and drafted by the Municipal Planning and Natural Resources Bureau"On Further Strengthening and standardizingJilin CityCultivated land occupied for constructionTopsoilDivest use management work通知(hereinafter referred to as"通知》)

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  2020年7月,Xi JinpingWhen the General secretary inspected Jilin, he pointed out that "black land is a 'giant panda' in cultivated land, and it must be protected and used well."。2020年12月,中央农村工作会议上,Xi JinpingGeneral secretary指出Take the protection of black land as a major issue, and make good use of black land。We will firmly take the initiative in food security and speed up grain production year after year。Strictly guard the red line of 1.8 billion mu of arable land, take hard measures with long teeth, and implement the strictest farmland protection system。Adopted at the 35th meeting of the Standing Committee of the 13th National People's Congress on June 24, 2022The Law of the People's Republic of China on the Protection of Black Land stipulates:Where black land is occupied by construction projects, the soil of the tilled layer shall be stripped in accordance with the prescribed standards。

  Issued by the General Office of the Provincial Government on July 5, 2022Jilin Province construction occupied arable landTopsoilMeasures for the Administration of divestiture Utilization(The Office of the Kyrgyz Government issued [202217号),Request eachWe must earnestly implement it。

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  《通知》共包括Nine aspects 27条,That is, soil stripping and utilization in the ploughing layerScope of implementation and subject of responsibility, ploughing layer soilStripping utilization planCompile and cultivate layer soilDivestiture program preparation and review, ploughing layer soilStripping execution, ploughing layer soilDivestiture acceptance, ploughing layer soilStripping utilizationFunding security, ploughing layer soilDivestiture work supervisionOther matters重点Highlight below6 aspectsFirst, we will highlight the implementation of responsibilities。Implement the new Land Administration LawAnd the Black Land Protection ActRequest, strengthen the county(市)区政府Development zone Management Committee所属The supervision responsibility of relevant departments and the main responsibility of compacting construction units。At the same time, the responsible subjects, implementation nodes, and review processes of the links such as program preparation, stripping implementation and completion acceptance are clarified, so as to achieve clear responsibilities and standardized procedures。Second, we will focus on coordinating work。Claiming county)区Development zoneAnnual plans are prepared on the basis of comprehensive consideration of the supply, demand and timing of annual land use projects and land use projects, and overall arrangements are made for topsoil stripping, storage and utilization, and are closely connected with the territorial spatial planning, black land protection and land reclamation special planning, so as to solve the problem of disconnection from the source。Third, the outstanding should be stripped。According to the relevant technical specifications, the topsoil that meets the soil quality evaluation criteria must be stripped。At the same time, adhere to seeking truth from facts, and clarify six kinds of situations that can not be stripped, such as severely polluted cultivated land and emergency land for disaster relief。The fourth is the use of protruding after stripping。It is clearly required that free soil can be used for public welfare projects, and it is necessary to promote the stripping of topsoil "instant use" and "nearby utilization".。Fifth, we will highlight funding guarantees。Clarify the sources and guarantee methods of topsoil stripping costs, adjust the interests of topsoil stripping parties through economic means, and encourage all parties to actively carry out stripping, storage, management and utilization work in a timely manner。Six is outstandingSupervision and administration明确Cultivated land occupied for constructionTopsoilStripping fails to pass acceptance,Municipal governments, administrative committees of development zones and construction units申请办理Construction landApproval procedures for land supplyDepartments in charge of natural resources at all levelsTo organize and implement land auctions and auctionsLand supply work。Where there are prominent problems, the assessment of cultivated land protection target responsibility system will not be evaluated。

  Policy Document:Notice on Further Strengthening and standardizing the management of soil stripping and utilization in the cultivated land occupied by construction in Jilin City

  Source: Jilin City People's Government website